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Are you struggling financially? Or do you simply need an additional source of income coupled with your primary source of income? If you are, then read on, because what we are about to market to you isn't some sort of forex trading, or ponzi scheme neither is it mlm or anything like it. It's real business that requires real efforts and it pays!

Your Growth Gateway is an Initiative of www.rareconceptsolution.com

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We’ve been doing business online for the past five years. Even though our experience does not automatically make us some kind of gurus or know all types of experts, we are still ordinary individuals like you who started our journey long time ago and as a result, we’ve been able to discover patterns in diffenerent in kinds of businesses and have fully understood what works and what doesn’t! Over the past few years, we have successfully setup online businesses for both individuals and SMES! From ecommerce platforms, blogs, data reseller sites and more, and for this reason, we have been able to single out some of the most profitable type of websites that have worked for our clients during the past 5 years. So we decided to create “Your Growth Gateway” to enable us highlight the most profitable and cost effective type of sites that can quickly and easily generate profit for customers based on our records. Our target audience are mainly students, unemployed graduates and small businesses. 

What have been the most successful type of businesses we've setup for our customers in the past?

Here are some of the top three:


Ecommerce Sites

You’d be foolish to underestimate the power of selling online if done the right way, we’ve seen businesses literally grow from nothing to something, and we are not just telling you for the purpose of bragging but to inspire you and guide you through the very first step of successfully selling your products online.


Data Reseller Sites

Even though a bit underrated in terms of profitability, however, due to the enormous amount of data users in Nigeria, with millions of Nigerians suffing the internet on daily basis. We’ve seen our clients make a minimum of 30-60k in profit on a monthly basis. You could literally be making the affor-mentioned amount and more in a month without having to do any extra work except to get notified by text/email every time someone pays for data on your site and all you have to do, is to transfer the data to their specified phone number. You can’t go wrong by becoming a data reseller today!



Now the question might pop up in your mind; “Isn’t blogging already over saturated ?” Well yes it is. However, blogging still works if done the proper way. There are new approaches to blogging that can earn you a living if you exercise enough patience and put in the required commitment.

Which Type of Site are You Ready to Start?

What is Our Goal for Creating this platform?

(1) To Safe Cost

We understand not everybody can afford the cost of building a website from scratch (we hear this many times @ rareconceptsolution.com) and this is why we want to breach the gap by offering the same services at an affordable rate to small businesses, students and unemployed.

(2) To Empower

Beyond making profit because believe it or not we are a business and we have to keep making profit to survive. However, beyond that, we really want to empower the non-lazy Nigerians (Lol) and create the very avenue that's needed to help them enhance their lives. Seriously we mean it!

(3) To Hear Your Success Story

Nothing brings more joy to our heart than hearing the success story of our customers. This does not only motivates us to work harder it's the life line of our existence. And this is why for past five years of doing business @ rareconceptsolution.com majority of new clients and jobs that we get are mainly referrals from existing satisfied customers.

Who are you and why should i trust you guys?

We are a team of passionate online enthusiast with over five (5) years of experience in web design, digital marketing and content creation. We work full time from our sister site RareConcept Solution (www.rareconceptsolution.com) and our registration details can be found below plus we add a credit link to every website project we successfully complete.

CAC Registration Details and Address

www.rareconceptsolution.com is registered under the business name Onaseg Dynamic World Solution (BN2620460). Address; House No1, Glorious God Estate Tanke Oke Odo, Ilorin Kwara State.

100% Authentic Reviews from Real Customers We have worked with.....(Not Fake Reviews!)

Thanks for Creating Something like this! I have never regretted doing business with You Guys!
Oluwatoyin O
From Design to Support and Result I salute You Guys! Extra-ordinary team behind this company!
Jimmy Eden
Nothing gives me more peace of mind than knowing anytime I need support, you guys will always be there!
Mohamed Ikoh

How Does It Work?

We are basically going to setup a complete website for you so you can start earning right away!